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This report was prepared within the Seed Money Project BaRuWa in preparation for a main project focusing on improving the status of rural wastewater treatment in the Baltic Sea Region. As part of this, the project team has made a systematic survey of possible funding sources for a main project. Information has been gathered on three levels, i) the partner countries, ii) the Baltic Sea Region, iii) general EU programmes and other international funding schemes and programmes. In the report, details regarding objectives, eligibility, funding levels and deadlines are given. Six funding schemes with application deadlines in 2016 have been identified in the four countries involved in BaRuWa. On the BSR level, five different options are listed, BONUS, three Interreg programmes and the recently economically replenished BSAP Fund. Finally, a number of EC programmes are described that offer co-funding to innovative technology development and implementation in the field of water management. Examples are the EUREKA cluster Aqueau, parts of the EU regional development funds and different calls within the Horizon 2020 research programme.

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In the report Rural Wastewater in the Baltic Sea Region-STATE OF THE ART, relevant or recently completed projects in the field of small scale and/or innovative wastewater treatment are listed with contact information (partner 1 with contribution from 4). This includes six Flag-ship projects within PA Nutri. Several of the projects focus(ed) on developing a specific innovative on-site technical solution for households or for industrial wastewater applications, but projects more oriented towards general water management issues are also included. In the next section, the target groups of the main project have been identified (partner 1) and a draft strategy for communication with them developed. The section Technologies pre-inventory (mainly Partner 3 and 4) focuses entirely on small-scale sanitation solutions, ranging from dry toilets with greywater treatment in soil filters to various examples of package plant configurations. In particular, the specific operation and maintenance needs of each technical solution are described. A special section of the report is devoted to an analysis of Legal aspects in the BSR countries (Partner 2 with contributions from all), where it is clear that there are national differences despite the applicable EU Directives and the European Standard EN12566. The section Mapping of target areas contain an analysis of the coverage rates for centralized sewer systems in BSR (Partner 3 and 4). Finally, an example is given of a comprehensive GIS mapping of the status regarding septic tanks and the population connected to sewer systems in all municipalities in Poland (Partner 1), revealing large local differences. Similar analyses for other BSR countries will provide a good basis for future partner identification, market analyses, training workshops, information dissemination and other activities.

At this moment we would like to share one of the analytical results of our project, where a number of small-scale wastewater treatment plants has been shown for all municipalities in Poland.

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