SYKLI is a special education and training Institute that operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of Finland in the field of additional environmental and sustainability training (staff 31, students per year 2400). We conduct our training and development activities in close collaboration with both the private and public sectors. SYKLI specializes in additional training for adults in the following fields: Water management, Waste management, Environmental and quality and safety management, Environmental project management, Environmental logistics and Industrial services.

SYKLI has been involved in many types of environmental training development projects and has strong experience in EU project management and in dissemination of good practices
1) International Advanced Water Treatment project, 2012-2014 (partly financed by ERDF)
2) Risks Managenent for SME operating in ground water area, 2011-2013 (partly financed by ERDF)
3) Tools and methods for management of risks in water and waste water treatment plants (2009-2010)

Jari Heiskanen, M.Sc. Eng. Project Manager. Education and Experience: M.Sc. Chemical engineering (Lappeenranta University of Technology, FI), Project Manager, International Advanced Water Treatment project, Risks Management for SME operating in ground water area, SYKLI Quality & Environmental Manager in water treatment chemicals business, Kemira

Vesa Arvonen, M.Sc. Eng, Trainer Water and Wastewater services. Education and Experience: M.Sc. Eng. Environmental engineering (Water and Waste water engineeringg) (Tampere University of Technology, FI), B.Sc Automation (Tampere Institute of Technology, FI). Trainer Water and Wastewater services, SYKLI Designer of the water and wastewater systems in rural areas, Vesan Vesi Oy. Chairman of the Association of Finnish water co-operatives.

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